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“Your Family is My Family”-Season 2-Episode 3

“Your Family is My Family”-Season 2-Episode 3

(7:01 min) Rachel struggles with her new dog walking job but she’s in for a big surprise when she bumps into Lee.

Lee and Rachel’s grandmother ‘Nana Ruth’ have someone managed to become friends, unbeknownst to Rachel. But what Rachel sees as stepping in, Lee sees an opportunity to put Nana to work.

Featuring a dramatic interpretation of the lyrics to “Children’s Story”, by Slick Rick with special guest star and John Cassavetes regular Eleanor Zee. Also, known for her work in Adam Sandler’s “Funny People” and the 1984 film “Breakin'”.

Starring Nikki Ghisel & Beau Van Donkelaar with Special Guest Star Eleanor Zee
with Goldie as ‘Brooklyn’

Cinematography by Lex Loverde
Written & Directed by Kat Burke

My Half Brother
Episode 3 Season 2

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