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“Horse Before the Cart”-Season 2-Episode 1

“Horse Before the Cart”-Season 2-Episode 1

(6:51 min) Rachel and Lee visit the desert where they aim to bid a final farewell to their father. As emotions run high, Rachel tries to pull it all together while Lee helps scatter everything to the wind. And finally, they must as the important question: which came first the horse or the cart?

Featuring a dreamy new age “Hump” video with¬†excerpts from the lyrics to Boogie Down Productions 1988 hip-hop hit “My Philosophy”.

Cinematography by Lex Loverde
Written & Directed by Kat Burke

Special Thanks
Diane Simon, Mark Peterson, Sylvia and Jim Burke, Kimberly Barcomb Mauger, Zach Mauger, Claudine Halpern, Tiffani Barbour, Stephanie St. James, Mike Halpern, Steve Halpern, Keith Hopkin, Alexis Gardella, Wendy Hu, Belinda Colon, Anthony Iemetti, Meredith Zenowich, Jessica Tunney, Rob Neilson, Chad Gardella, Shar and Owen Gardella, Sasha Geisberg, Ewen DeWitt, Kevin Connolly, Sonja Robson, Ballerina Bobby

My Half Brother
Episode 1 Season 2