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Nikki Ghisel

Nikki Ghisel-IMDB

A standout comedic actress who performs weekly with Improv teams around Los Angeles and currently is a CO-Host of Fernando’s Bris, a monthly comedy night.

& Beau Van Donkelaar

Beau Van Donkelaar-IMDB

A Los Angeles based actor who also serves as music supervisor for the show.  TV Credits include: Law & Order, The Jury, Mercy, Third Watch, Guiding Light.

Also Starring

Alexander Roberts

Susan Slome


Jon Harrison Taylor

Julian Sambrano, Jr.

Brent Denver Lampp

Jaenelle Lampp

Paul Fontana

Rochelle Leffler

Joanna Ozdobinska


Season One Director of Photography Gianfilippo De Rossi

Written, Directed and Edited by Kat Burke