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“Can’t Find Brooklyn”-Season 2-Episode 4

“Can’t Find Brooklyn”-Season 2-Episode 4

(5:56 min)-Rachel’s new dog-walking job takes an unexpected turn when one of the dogs goes missing, but Lee and Dash are there to help. Along the way, they may just get inspiration for a new video for “The Hump”.
Featuring an out of this world noir tribute to the Beastie Boys featuring the lyrics from  ‘No Sleep till Brooklyn’

“My Half Brother”, a comedy web series about a brother and sister that have nothing in common except a love of 90’s hip-hop and that they share the same father

Starring Nikki Ghisel & Beau Van Donkelaar with Alexander Roberts

featuring Goldie as ‘Brooklyn’ and Potato as ‘Roger Daltrey’.

Animal handler- Joanna Ozdobinska with special thanks to the O’Porters.

Cinematography by Lex Loverde
Written & Directed by Kat Burke

My Half Brother
Episode 4 Season 2

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