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Season 1-Episode One


Season 1-Episode Two

“The Hump”

Season 1-Episode Three

“Pop It”

Season 1-Episode Four


Season 1-Episode Five

“Almost A Million”


Season 2-Episode One

“Horse Before the Cart”

Season 2-Episode Two


Season 2-Episode Three

“Your Family is My Family”

Season 2-Episode Four

“Can’t Find Brooklyn

Season 2-Episode Five

“All’s Well That Ends Well”


“My Half Brother”, is a comedy web series about a brother and sister that have nothing in common except a love of 90’s hip-hop and that they share the same father.

Rachel (Nikki Ghisel) is struggling to find a job.  Her half brother Lee (Beau Van Donkelaar) makes a better living doing nothing in particular.   When the two reunite after ten years, Rachel is thrust into Lee’s wild world that includes making dramatic videos of old school hip-hop lyrics for his web channel The Hump“.

A fractured past is brought back together as the odd-couple siblings revisit something old to discover something new.

Starring Nikki Ghisel & Beau Van Donkelaar
Written & Directed by Kat Burke